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In this little corner of my site of my site I'll cover issues that won't be necessarily written on by yours truly, but instead I'll provide a plethora of links that the reader can research for him/herself. Most of these can be found somewhere in the Archives, but this will assemble various topics in a much more orderly fashion. Have fun!

Debunking all the (Progressive) hysteria surrounding the COVID-19 crisis. Also added a related essay solely on Social Distancing, lockdowns, stay-at-home orders & the efficacy of those mitigation procedures. The results may surprise you. If you're Chris Cillizza, it's probably over your coconut head.

America the Irresponsible, an examination of America's drug problem. This is one of the reasons I blame We The People as much as I blame Leviathan. America is sick, it needs an intervention.

Did the most violent counties in the 2016 election vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?

An examination of the 1906 Antiquities Act & federal ownership of ~28% of these United States.

Debunking the Progressive "We Need To Invest in Infrastructure" Argument: Keynesian infrastructure stimulus schemes have a poor track-record. That however, doesn't keep guys like Bernie Sanders & Elizabeth Warren (as well as some Republicans) from flapping their teeth about it.

Incandescent light bulb ban: Washington knows best, or so they say. They will regulate your light bulbs (among other things) & tell you what you can buy.

Food Police: The liberal nanny-state war on what you drink, smoke and eat. This article documents up-and-down the active liberal wars on caffeine, cigarettes, cigars, soda, candy, meat, and just about anything else. This is an outrageous maternalistic movement where the government (and its willing accomplices in the antique media and various liberal special interests) becomes responsible for your consumption and invades the rights of millions of private citizens. It's not the job of the goverment to keep kids (and adults) from smoking cigarettes, eating junk food, getting fat and eating meat et al.

Universal Health Care: This is one of the hallmarks of nearly every Democrat and Democrat Presidential candidate. Looking to "fix" the U.S.' health care problems (and there are indeed some problems with it, but mainly in the areas that we copy British and Canadian methods), Democrats seek to implement those wonderfully-successful policies in Europe and Canada. "It's a mistake" as Men at Work uttered long ago for many reasons. Emulating Europe and Canada's health care policies will decimate this country. Thanks, but no thanks.

Wikipedia: The free and constantly edited liberal encyclopedia.

That Evil, Capitalistic, Non-Union Wal-Mart: Documenting the leftist war against capitalism and their #1 target, Wal-Mart

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